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A trailblazer from Africa, The Queen of Katwe.

This movie is a true story of captivating brilliance and creativity of a girl called Phiona Mutesi from Kampala, Uganda. When a school teacher figures out his students don’t seem to have a chance competing in football he decides to teach them another ‘sport’ he acquired from learned in school which is the strategic art of the game of chess. It was directed by Mira Nair and was released at the Toronto international film festival. Also starred in the movie is Lupita Nyong’o of 12 years of slave starlet.

It’s a daring work of cinematography showing a beautiful story from the heart of Africa.

A very Eventful road trip, Literally ; Spider-man Far from Home.

image source : Polygon

Tom Holland -  Peter Parker
Zendaya -  Michelle Jones ‘MJ’
Jake Gyllenhaal – Mysterio
Jacob Batalon – Ned Leeds
Samuel L Jackson – Nick Fury
Marisa Tomei – May Parker

Who doesn’t love a good old road trip? In fact, imagine one with the love of your life on the same vehicle with you. Honestly this is supposed to be very eventful, until someone calls in a drone strike on a fellow classmate. Yes, this is the brilliance created by Director Jon Watts. The Marvel anticipated release hit a one-billion-dollar mark on box office, following the Spiderman; Homecoming sequel, it starrs Tom Holland who kicked off his on screen and on stage career as Billy Elliot in London’s west end and is to starr  in movies such as the voyage of doctor Dolittle , Onward and Chaos Walking, while he has been in movies such as the Current war and the lost city of Z. Far from home also starrs alongside Holland, Zendaya who has been in movies such as The Greatest Showman, Zapped, smallfoot and Spiderman Homecoming.

image source : Vox

Far from home was released on the 26th of June 2019. The movie tethers around the after effects of the Avengers Endgame’s actions as there was a ‘blip’ in time as it’s called as younger siblings get older than their siblings due to lost time, it is kind of hilarious. At the start of the movie there’s a video clip dedicated in memory of the fallen Avengers so we have that ‘after Avengers’ effect, this seemed to be act to actively link the feel of the movie to the super heroes. In an already planned to the last chapter of a school trip, by Peter Parker to snag the girl of his dreams ‘Michelle Jones’ known as ‘MJ’, then comes the unexpected distress call by the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D commander, Nick Fury about an imminent attack by alien creatures known as the ‘elementals’, naturally Peter turns down the call, (who wouldn’t?) only to get the entire trip hijacked by Nick Fury. Spiderman has to switch in-between being present during the trip and trying to get to MJ and trying to stop an elemental from turning the whole of Prague to Barbecue.

Peter’s nemesis in the movie is a dude known as Beck who claims to have his technology stolen by Tony Stark, a highly intelligent computer network called ‘Edith’ controlled remotely by a pair of sun glasses, Beck impersonates Mysterio who seems to be helping peter and steals the glasses from him or rather peter gave it to him, thinking of Mysterio, of all people to ld the Avengers, yes that was a pretty stupid move.

Despite all his efforts to get close to his crush this all get mixed uo in a series of stumbling drama by a classmate, Peter initiates a drone strike and gets a scolding from Nick fury to get comfort from Mysterio, but that’s not where the major misdirection originated from, it turns out that the ‘elementals’ actually turn out to be holograms created by Beck in an attempt to get even with Tony Stark for stealing his creation.

Despite the whole techy new Spiderman and all, Tom Holland still has the friendly neighborhood feel (he even said that), Peter and MJ’s romance is quite dorky, nothing new. It’s all about trying to live up to Tony’s expectations and become the leader of the Avengers. It’s a quite adventurous road trip as marvel actually brings us good comedy in Far From Home, we were all rooting for peter and ‘MJ’ to ride into the sunset anyways.

                                                                watch the trailer

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