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A trailblazer from Africa, The Queen of Katwe.

This movie is a true story of captivating brilliance and creativity of a girl called Phiona Mutesi from Kampala, Uganda. When a school teacher figures out his students don’t seem to have a chance competing in football he decides to teach them another ‘sport’ he acquired from learned in school which is the strategic art of the game of chess. It was directed by Mira Nair and was released at the Toronto international film festival. Also starred in the movie is Lupita Nyong’o of 12 years of slave starlet.

It’s a daring work of cinematography showing a beautiful story from the heart of Africa.

The Last Halloween of the Decade; 10 Movies to Make it Eventual

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How does one end a decade? with all the show down going on all around the globe? let me tell you how, by throwing a worthwhile horror Halloween festival, well depends if it’s on your couch and if that’s your choice, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The horror scene has been running quite a number for a while. From poltergeist themed movies to basic non supernatural horror. We’ re going to compile a list of very creepy movies to make it a decade ending Halloween. So just log in to your movie provider and prepare to rent/buy these movies online, because its literally the Halloween of the decade.

1.       The Conjuring -  Set in the year 1971, the movie is about a popular case of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. When a new family in a neighborhood began to notice some queer occurrences in a 150-year-old farm house. The conjuring is a very scary movie what makes it realistic is that it is very applicable to everyday living with happenings such as foul odors, their dog won’t come in and cold spots in the house. This movie will keep you observing your vision in the periphery and on the edge of your seat.

                                                                     A preview

2.       Don’t Breathe – This one is a smart, chilling and insanely clever horror movie directed by Fede Alvarez. A group of kids plan to break in to a blind war veteran’s house to steal when everything goes haywire. Turns out the Blind man has insanely sharp senses and has secrets buried in his basement. It is a kind of horror you’ve never seen before, not supernatural and yet almost receiving five stars from ratings.

3.       The Ring -  This one is basic classical horror based on the remake of a Japanese horror movie, it was released on October 18th 2002 so it’s a bit old considering the decade and starrs Naomi Watts. It’s about a video tape that when viewed, places a death curse on the viewer. Well, isn’t that ironical considering its Halloween.

4.       The Nun – Typically when a young nun commits suicide in a Monastery, its bound to raise brows and require investigation from the clergy. The nun is a good movie if you like the basic themes of religious horror such as Veronica.

5.       Five Girls - This is for if you want something good, but not too serious, five girls is a Canadian Horror movie directed by Warren Sonoda. When a group of girls are sent to a catholic reform school overrun by supernatural occurrences it produces a heart leaping suspense filled roller coaster. We suggest you try this one.

6.       Insidious – This one is all the way paranormal horror. It’s a creative haunted house thriller where malevolent spirits try to take over a family. Its directed by all-time horror master James Wan, who also directed the conjuring. The final act is actually a bit not up to par but still, its one hell of a horror movie.    
                                                                     watch the trailer

7.       A Nightmare on Elm Street – This is a series of horror movies its filed under the genre of ‘slasher’ about the terrifying universe of Freddy Krueger. Its produced by Wes Craven it takes the whole nightmare scene to the next level as its based on a series of terrifying nightmares from dreams. This one Is specially recommended.

8.       IT -  when a shapeshifter that visits a town every 27 years decides to pay a visit to a group of seven children, you get a mix of never before seen Horror. The movie is based on the Novel by Steven King and directed by Andres Muschietti. There’s a series of disappearance and a group of kids seems to be next as they confront their worst nightmare. This one is a classic.

9.       Unsane - This is a psychological thriller of the first order. Sawyer Valentini is on the run from a presumed stalker and gets checked into a psychiatric ward only to discover her nightmare is only just beginning. It’s a quite disturbing movie and would keep you at the edge of your seat.

10.   Little evil – Thinks of this one as a disciple of Chucky. A man who just married the woman of his dreams finds out that her six-year-old son might just be the anti-Christ, how terrifyingly hilarious could that be? It’s a funny movie if you want your Halloween to be chipper. This one is just perfect.

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